Automated Intelligent Technologies
Bringing A.I.T. to the Electronic Payment and Financial Industries. Golden A.I.T clients find a top line revenue increase averaging 7.3% internally through merchant account management
Leverage Transparency, Automation and Intelligence to:
Reconcile to the penny to the transaction
Identify All Missed Revenue
Automate Revenue Recovery
Access INTELLIGENT Billing Automation
Automate Live Accounting
How are Transactions Lost?

The Electronic Payments Industry is built on an old banking platform which carry's limits in data, automation, and intelligence. These result in an average error margin today of almost 10%. Payment errors leave merchants fighting for profits and limit growth.

Electronic Payments Industry
$2 Trillion Last Year
Transactions Lost
$203 Billion
Lost Txn Breakdown
44% Insufficient Funds
20.6% Errors
15.2% Undefined
10.4% Lost / Stolen
9.4% Fraud
52% of fraud alerts are errors
Recoverable Revenue In Declines
100% Payments Processed
CNP Declines
39% of Declines are Recoverable
How do you recover missing revenue?
Most Processors
Pull 3-5 Data Files
We Pull
850 Raw Data Files
...and organized it into
3800 data columns
Per Trx w/ Logic
Find all industry errors by reconciling
from transaction to deposit
Averaging 7.3% Recovery to the TOP Line
Reconciles to the Penny - to the transaction
Automates Revenue Recovery
Automates Accounting